App Features


Via the iMessage button in the app you can ask questions to our Consultants Desk. This gives you the opportunity to directly solve challenges at work. Choose your consultant based on their expertise and get professional guidance on demand.


Try the interactive videos with tips and trics for hot topics. The tips are presented by our consultants based on the most popular articles. In just minutes you can learn how to give a winning speech or start a successful business!


No need to search the web anymore!
You get best practice templates for writing a business case, a project planning, business plan, a career scan and many more! Easy to use and directly editable.


Navigate through expert advice, categorized per topic of interest and most popluar items viewed. Sharing our experiences with you to increase your performance and productivity.

Inside the App

pe_smASSIGNMENTS – Get help you with all your assignments or tasks at work. Check out our Templates for writing a business case, project planning, profitability analysis, process improvement and much more!

clock_smWORKLOAD – Manage your workload and improve your productivity. Find tips to cope with work overload,
unclear tasks, priorities or how to save time.
Just one click away!

hat_xmCAREER – We all have dreams and goals, but how can you monitor or achieve them? Want to have tips for a better performance review, your resume or examples of a development plan? We provide all the tools!

book_smKNOWLEDGE – Abbreviations, financial ratios, business models…It’s easier just to carry basic business knowledge with you! Need to know basics and definitions of all organisational disciplines are made available for you.
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